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Direct Trade

Direct Trade is about relationships. It is a method of sourcing coffee. It is about quality. It is about respect. It is the best way to get the highest quality coffee, in the most sustainable manner. We travel the world to find the best coffee from the best farms. When we find it, we work directly with the farmer to purchase the coffee, typically at much higher prices than the farmer can get selling through conventional methods. Bottom line, the farmer is empowered while we get the best coffee. Ultimately, consumers win by getting the best cup of coffee that has been ethically sourced.

Direct Trade practices promote direct communication and price negotiation between the buyer and farmer, along with systems that encourage and incentivize quality. There is no agreed definition of the term, and, unlike Fair Trade coffee, there is no third party certification that the conditions stated by the coffee buyers are being complied with.

With Direct Trade you not only get the best coffee but you get the chance to form a relationship with the farmers that you are sculpting your business around. Without these relationships, there would only be high priced, mediocre coffee being sold with coffee farmers suffering. Direct Trade is ultimately the purest method of obtaining the freshest, finest, and cost-effective coffee.