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Our Roots

Founders and best friends Adam Bossie and Paul Merces’ passion for coffee extends far beyond a cup in good company. For years they’d been on a quest to find a quality of bean that would not only raise the bar for the country’s daily cup – but also gain the approval of the culinary industry’s most discerning palates. Adventures in traveling and dining offered inspiration, but when that unique blend of beans just couldn’t be found – they set out to make their own. Their journey began at the heart of the industry – the farmers.

In fostering relationships with the premier artisans of coffee – the farmers themselves – from day one, the team has achieved a working collaboration for quality and transparency in their process. Not many roasters can say the same. In fact, 90% of Coffee Afficionado’s caffeinated beans are purchased directly from farms. The best part is, unlike some Direct Trade and Fair Trade relationships, quality was never jeopardized in the process. And, in the same way their beans have maintained the highest standard of integrity, Coffee Afficionado continues to cultivate its cores values.

At Coffee Afficionado, we don’t just go to the largest farms available on the market, we seek out and find farmers that can also benefit from trading with us. These are farms that produce amazing quality but can also learn from our obtained knowledge. We enjoy our Direct Trade relationships so much that we invest into their farms making them better and more productive. This is something that ties back into our original core values and really what makes us all thrive to be part of Coffee Afficionado.