Punku Rumi is a farm situated on the western slope of Yanahuanca, a pristine coffee growing region, known by the locals as the “Black Hills”. This coffee is cultivated, harvested and processed by a pre-Hispanic ethnic “tribe”. The uniqueness and colorful ways of their culture ultimately translate for a very one-off coffee experience.

Typica comprises 98% of the varietal grown in this area, and all coffee that we procure from this region is certified organic by EU, Bio Suisse, and Rainforest Alliance standards. The coffee is “strictly high grown” at an altitude range of 1,500- 1,800 meters which equates to good bean density and bean hardness. The tall, thin profile of the mountain and low sun angle produces much shade during the day, creating an ideal micro-climate. Processing is organized in communal working groups called “Mingas”. The coffee is processed with a unique proprietary method that has been developed by the indigenous people over centuries. Considered semi-washed, the coffee first undergoes a light fermentation, then it is transferred to a mill for de-pulping. The beans are then submerged in a concrete tank, all floating matter and imperfect beans are skimmed from the top and the prized beans are  migrated to another station via gravity feeding where they are strained and dried on a patio. The unique processing, coupled with great growing conditions, blend to create an exciting flavor profile. Immediately apparent is the mild acidity and earthy aromatics accompanied by favors of chocolate, maple and almond.





  • ORIGIN: Peru
  • REGION: Yanayuaca
  • ELEVATION: 1500-1800 Meters
  • VARIETALS: Typica
  • PROCESS: Semi-Washed
  • PROFILE: Chocolate. Maple. Almond