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Entry 7

November 28, 2018

The first round of cold brews is here!  Technically these little white clover flowers are weeds but to me, they look like flowers a Saturday morning in the spring, which is sort of what these bottles taste like too.


Entry 6

November 10, 2018

New labels rolling out soon!!! We are really excited about this bold color palette and the country silhouettes representing the origins of each of these beautiful roasts. So excited!


Entry 5

November 1, 2018

This is actually a photo of me (Adam) and one of the kids on Augusta Caldarone farm in Colaya, Peru. We happen to be playing on stone beds, which provide a drying method unique to Peru. Typical drying is done on patios made of concrete or terra-cotta. With stone beds, the natural granite stays cool at altitude and keeps moisture away from the beans. Using the traditional native stone drying method allows us to try coffee efficiently and consistently.


Entry 4

October 28, 2018

This is Milford. Earlier this year we went to Kenya, home of some of the best coffee and most wonderful producers we’ve worked with. After a few days sourcing the coffee, Milford took us to Masai Mara. It felt like being in a movie. We made fresh coffee on a blanket in the grass next to a truck, with zebras and giraffes not far away.  We talked a lot about family (Milford has 18 kids!), and he told us about the time he had to kill a lion that tried to attack his tribe.


Entry 3

October 20, 2018

Here we are in Guatemala with our dear friends Sam and Coto at a coffee cupping. Sort of like a wine tasting; we do a light roast on the beans (which is why the coffee looks almost like tea in the photo) to expose any possible defects. We swirl it around in the cup, smell it, and talk about the different notes we taste. If we love it, we buy it, bring it home, and roast it fresh in the Gothot!