Cultivating Something Beautiful

COMMITTED TO FARMERS Maintaining farm exclusivity has earned us the trust of our farmers; since they can rely on us to purchase their product year-round, each year, we truly collaborate. Sometimes that means experimenting with a new soil treatment, or innovating entirely new products like our coffee blossom tea.

OLD SCHOOL AS NEW AGE We apply this same progressive sensibility to our roasting process. Rather than follow coffee trends and their new machines with automated systems, we roast on an original 1955 Gothot, operated by a renowned chef. It's hands-on, it's sensory, it's a craftsman doing his craft.

A NOTE ON BLENDS Though single-origins are often considered the premium roasts, blended coffees can offer some really beautiful and complex cups. We take extra pride in our carefully blended proprietary roasts, each one balanced and rich.

All You Need

A Layered Approach

By collaborating at all levels of service, we ensure that our partners can not only brew great coffee, but are equipped with the tools and infrastructure to provide their guests with a seamless, memorable café experience.

  • Station blueprints and buildout options

  • On-site support during equipment setup and maintenance

  • Coffee education & barista training
  • Café design and collateral

  • Customer experience guidance

We have spent the past decade developing our business across wholesale markets— work that
has shaped our understanding and appreciation for different customer bases. These insights guide our work, and enable our team to help determine a café setup and menu that will best serve your market.

Looking Ahead


Cultivation. Innovation. Purpose. These are the pillars of Afficionado Coffee, and we build upon them by partnering exclusively with the same producers, year after year. We have been self-funded and organically run since we launched in 2008, growing organically through relationships and trust that can only be earned with time.

This is the core of our identity, and a value we began cultivating long before the term "branding" felt relevant.

Not only does this loyalty make the experience more rewarding for us personally, but it leads to superb coffee! Together with our producers, we apply meticulous attention to farming, harvesting, and roasting techniques to produce consistently great coffee, often in rare and limited batches. And by implementing new revenue streams, we can continue to support vibrant, self-sufficient farming communities even during the off-season.

As we look towards the future, the most important part of our 5-year goal is to maintain the quality and consistency for which we've become known. We look forward to our stories getting better, our relationships growing deeper, and our coffee pouring fresh.

Supporting Our Partners

Community Integration

We committed to direct trading in 2012, and since then have worked exclusively with 13 farms. Supporting the people of the farming communities is as important as producing the coffee, and our long-term relationships enable us to partner in more ways than one.

PERU Purchased farming tools and alpaca
s, sponsored the construction of a new schoolhouse, and built a women's center for adult education.

BOLIVIA Help farmers create new revenue streams through the harvest of coffee byproducts like coffee blossoms and cascara.

GUATEMALA Worked with local authorities to distribute nutritional formula to infants and children in need.

HONDURAS Build the first school house in Marcala with computers and purchased new shoes for all of the children (estimated 65
kids) of the school house every year.